Skate Fitness Tips for Your 2017 Workout

Is getting in shape one of your New Year’s resolutions? Miracle Skate can help. Skating is a great way for families in Madera to stay active and have fun. Here’s how you can make your skating fitness routine even better!

Health Benefits of Roller-Skating

If you’ve ever skated before, you know it’s a good exercise for your legs, glutes, and core. After all, those sore muscles didn’t just appear! But roller-skating is also one of the best exercises you can do for heart health. Check out these quick facts about skating fitness:

  • Skating 1 hour per week can burn 600 calories
  • Skating includes most muscle groups, including the arms
  • Skating builds muscle strength and endurance
  • Skating causes 50% less joint stress than running
  • Skating is safer than playgrounds, biking, and most organized sports

How to Improve Skate Fitness

Want to take your roller-skating workout to the next level? Here are our favorite tips!

  1. girl stretchingStretch it out. You can lower the risk of injury and improve your skating workout by doing some quick quad, calf, hamstring, hip, and glute stretches before hitting the rink.
  2. Stay moving. Gliding doesn’t burn calories. To make the most of your skating workout, skate actively. Zig-zag, skate backwards, and work your arms as you skate.
  3. Make it harder. Ankle weights are a great way to increase the difficulty of your workout. Choose weights that velcro closed so you don’t lose them (and cause a pileup).

Ready to roll? Achieve your goals at Miracle Skate in Madera.

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