It’s Time for Monster Night and Pacifier Night at Miracle Skate!

Miracle Skate Madera and Fresno Monster NightAt Miracle Skate in Madera there is nothing we love more than a good party to go with our roller skating.  This week we have TWO special events planned.  Friday night August 9th will be Monster Night and Saturday night August 10th will be Pacifier Night.

Every Friday night at Miracle Skate is Club Glow with free Glow Sticks to the first 50 people in the door but this Friday we are adding Monsters to the mix. Beginning at 7:30 pm the first 25 skaters in the door will receive a Free Monster. You might want to call it Club Monster Glow!

On Saturday, during Pacifier Night, the first 25 people in the door after our 7:30 opening will receive an illuminated pacifier.  Plus we will be having a baby food eating contest with prizes. Save room while eating the baby food though because we will still be having our regular Saturday night all you can eat and drink Pizza and Soda.

All this is in addition to the regular fun at Miracle Skate that includes our inflatable slides and great arcade games in a fun skating atmosphere with great music.

All this fun is going to be taking place at our Madera Fairgrounds location at 1850 Cleveland, Ave. in Madera.  If you want to keep up with all the fun activities at Miracle Skate, sign up on for regular e-Newsletter updates here on our website and follow us on Facebook.


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