$2 Tuesdays & Cheap Skate Wednesdays!

We all constantly countdown to Friday, aka the fri-yay, aka the weekend. But let’s face it, as awesome as no work is, it often means there’s a long line, sold out tickets or expensive Uber rides. However, what else is going on during the week worth of a countdown? Cheap Skate Nights here at Miracle Skate.

Tuesday AND Wednesday

That’s right, Cheap Skate Night is plural! We love it so much we decided one night just wasn’t enough. It’s easy to feel like when you’re trying to save money, it seems to go quicker than it comes. So to help keep the fun going at a rate everyone can afford we started our Tuesday $2 Night and Wednesday Cheap Skate Night allow you to get into Miracle Skate for an admission of only $2. Already own a pair of quads or roller blades? That’s awesome! That means you don’t to pay for skate rental, just $2 and all you can skate until closing time.

What times?what a deal

  • Tuesday*
    • $2 Tuesday (skates rental extra)
    • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday*
    • Cheap Skate Night
    • $2 Admission (skate rental extra)
    • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

What does the * mean?

It means if you’ve signed up for the Kids Skate Free program your vouchers can be used these evenings! The is perfect if you have children of various ages. Kids under 12 can use their Kids Skate Free Vouchers while those over 12 can get in for just $2! We have the skating, jumps and slides for the younger kids and the skating, snacks and socializing for teens.

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on these deals and fun!

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Roller Skating: Time Tested, Celebrity Approved

Roller skating is a time-tested sport. Everyone loves to roller skate; even celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian go skating!

Recently a number of celebrities took a break from LA nightlife to attend a party at a roller rink in Los Angeles. Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt and Kim Kardashian were there. They all got into the spirit, discoing on their skates!

Bring Your Friendscute skates

If your friends tell you that roller skating is ‘lame’, have them check out the celebs on wheels…or maybe pop in a movie or two to show everybody skates, and has fun doing it, too!

DVDs to Rent

Roll Bounce: In 2005, this movie showed us a number of celebrities on skates. Rapper Bow Wow played the lead, a guy in the 70s who rules the local rink with his friends.

Rollerball: In 2002, LL Cool J, Chris Klein and Rebecca Romijn play roller skating pros, showing off some real skills on their skates.

Whip It: The 2009 movie Whip It is all about roller derby; Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore tear up the rink in this one!


In real life, a number of celebs can be found regularly at the rink. Cher has been a roller skating devotee for years, and her legs look great!

Jessica Simpson skates too, and so does Beyonce! In fact, Beyoncé actually held her 21st birthday party at a skating center in Atlanta. And both Janet Jackson and Kim Bassinger have also hosted birthday bashes while skating the night away.

Have a birthday coming up? Why not skate? Contact Miracle Skate today and reserve your party now!

Skating Into The Olympics

Depending on your generation, it’s easy to feel like roller skating has “been around forever,” but do you know just how long it’s been around? Believe it or not, the first patent for the roller skate was released in 1760(!) by John Joseph Merlin. While the idea was great, without brakes, it made it hard to steer or stop and didn’t make for the best entrance to a party. It was in 1863 when James Plimpton invented the “rocking” skate that had independent axles and allowed you to easily turn by pressing to one side of the skate. This huge improvement is what allowed rollerskating to soar in population in Europe in the 1860s and 1870s, then eventually the United States in the 1930s. The phrase “rinkomania” was used to describe the roller skating craze.

The Plimpton skate is the foundation for our modern skates and is the driving factor in what led skating to enter the sporting world. In the mid 1990s, people began playing hockey with a ball and on roller blades instead of the traditional ice skates and hockey puck. The sport became so popular it was considered for the 2012 Olympics, but didn’t quite make the cut. 
While it’s no longer called “rinkomania” nor in the Olympics, roller sports is one of the eight sports vying for one of the spots in the 2020 Olympics. As of September 2015, roller sports made it to the final five of possible additions to the 2020 Olympics. Who will be added to the 2020 Olympics will be announced during the August 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

Olympic RingsKeep your fingers crossed skating fans, we might be having an Olympics skating party at Miracle Skate in 2020!

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Win A FREE Party at Miracle Skate!

You read correctly! You can win a FREE birthday party here at Miracle Skate!

Howhappy birthday

We’ve teamed up with Central California Parent’s Magazine to bring you an easy and free to throw your kids a fun-tastic birthday party.

It’s simple! Go onto Central California Parent’s Magazine website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and on the right hand side there will be a form. In the form, from the drop-down menu, select the business who’s party you’d like to win, then complete the form and press submit. Ta-dah! You’re done! Easy as that! The entries end this month, so get them in quick!

Our Birthday Parties

We try not to brag, but they’re kind of awesome. We not only have the time-tested, every age approved roller skating, but we have slides ad bounce houses available, too! This is great if you have kids with an age variety of guest. This way everyone can have a safe and fun experience that even parents enjoy.

Did we mention we have online party booking? It’s true! We know as a parent or guardian you have a lot on your plate and it’s not always between 9-5 that you have time to sit down and check items off that to-do list. To help simplify your party planning process, we integrated online party booking so that you can get your date set whether you’ve got time at 2:00pm or 2:00am.

Not only do we have online party booking, but we also have public or private parties available. If you want just a section or the entire rink, we can make it happen!

What are you waiting for?

Enter today! If you have any questions, please fill out our contact us page and we will get with you as soon as possible!

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End of School Glo Party!

What’s the best part of summer?

That’s school’s out! No homework! No detention. No cafeteria meals! Just plenty of time to do what brings you joy -like skating! What better way to welcome in the summer and celebrate school being out than a Glo party?!

School’s out Glo Party!party!

When: June 10th
What time: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Who: YOU!

This isn’t just any Glo Party..

  • The first 50 people at the rink will get a FREE mini flashlight!
  • We’ll have free glo sticks!
  • Are you skates not blackout ready? That’s OK! We’ll have blackout skates for you to rent!
  • If you bring a flashlight, you’ll get a pass for another night of skating!

Biggest flashlight contestflashlight

Oh yes, we want you to be the beacon on the rink! Whether you’ve got an awesome headlamp, a giant industrial spotlight,  or even your own bat signal, bring it*! We’ll have a contest for who has the biggest flashlight on the rink.

*Disclaimer: We encourage our guest to participate in the contest, however, please keep your safety and other’s in mind when you bring large flashlights that can cause harm due to their size and weight. We are not liable for any flashlights that are lost and stolen while at the rink.

What are you waiting for? Call your friends, make your plans and get your gear together. This will be a party you won’t want to miss!

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What Is Kids Skate Free?

Have you heard about Kids Skate Free? Get ready parents, this is a game changer.

What is Kids Skate Free?Kids skate free

Kids Skate Free is a national organization that believes in the power of wholesome fun and free activities for kids all around the United States. Skate centers get to elect whether or not they’d like to participate and we at Miracle Skate thought this was too good of an idea to pass up. Participating skate centers offer FREE skating passes to children 12 and under! How fantastic is that? The best part is this is not a one time thing. Parents will receive weekly emails with skate passes to print out and bring to the rink. The program has been such a success they’ve reached almost a million children!

Come Skate at Miracle Skate for Free!

Not only do you get the coupons on a weekly basis, we at Miracle Skate believe you should be able to use them when it works best for you. Kids Skate Free passes are valid four nights a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Bring your kids in the beginning of the week as a fun treat or come on the weekend to have a fun family night out. Skating is a fun, healthy activity that disguises the exercise as a social activity kids can do with their family and friends.

How to sign up?

Simply fill out this form, give us a call ( 559-674-7655), or fill out our contact form and we’ll get you started in the right direction.

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How To Care For Rollerblades

Rollerblading can be a fun activity for everyone.

Whether it is for kids and adults, the activity provides both enjoyment and exercise for those who use it often.

However, lots of roller skating time sometimes leads to potential breakdowns in the equipment.

inline roller skateSo if you tend to roller skate around a lot on blades, then you need to make sure you know how to properly maintain them.

Maintenance is important when it comes to rollerblades. There are sites which provide useful tips on what to do in keeping your blades in good working order. If you like roller skating as a regularly activity, then regularly check on your equipment condition.

Keep some equipment to help you take care of the rollerblades. These can include a skate tool, light-bearing oil, a small craft brush, and bearing cleaning solution.

Use the tools to remove the wheels and boot liners. This will allow you to clean all of the major areas of the skates. Make sure you inspect them to see that there are no cracks in them. Wipe down all the areas to keep them clean. Make sure the bearings don’t have dust, pebbles, or other particles that would hamper its movement.

By using proper maintenance methods, you can enjoy many hours of roller skating with your inline skates. It may not seem easy at first, but developing good techniques and basics can easily help you on your way toward consistently rolling around streets, towns, and skate parks.

For further practice, go to a local skating rink. If you are near the Madera area, then Miracle Skate is a suitable enough rink to hone and develop your skating skills. The rink features many regular events on its calendar geared toward particular roller skating activities at discount rates.

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Have Your Next Group Outing at Miracle Skate!

Whether you’re planning last minute trips for your summer camps, sports team outings or for this upcoming school year, Miracle Skate field trips and group outings are an great for all ages. Kids love that they get to do something different as they hang out with friends. Adults love that they can either join in the fun or sit back and talk with other parents as they watch their kids go skating and smiling by.

Special Rates

We have two packages so that you have the best options for your group. We one option for groups of 20 or more during our public skating hours. Do you want the whole rink to your group? That’s not a problem! We offer private rink rental! Have the whole rink to your group and have a blast! 

So much to do!

Not only do we offer discounts on skate rentals -$4 per person, we also have the bounce house available for groups to use for only $5 a person, but we do ask that all bouncers remain under 50″ tall. Your kids will love bouncing in the bounce hours, skating, and eating our delicious pizza with their friends. Adults can join in the fun and reminisce on their days on the rink while they show their kids the ropes. Skating is a great way to get some exercise and family time in. Use your group’s outing as a way to see if skating could be a new family hobby.

Who counts as a group?Ready to go to Miracle Skate!

  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Religious Organizations
  • Boy/Girl Scout Troops
  • Homeschoolers
  • Charitable organizations
  • Reunions

If you have any questions about group outings, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 559-674-7655 or simply fill out our contact form.

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Friday the 13th – May 2016

We have a crazy fun fact for you! Did you know that there is a real name for the fear of Friday the 13th? There is! It’s paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia. Lucky you, there won’t be a spelling test on either of those, and we won’t make you say them five times fast either. We will however, remind you that Friday the 13th at Miracle Skate will be all about facing your fear!

When you ask some people why they are afraid of Friday the 13th, it is simply the association with the number 13 and bad luck. However, fear is a funny thing and the mind can run wild. One of our fun traditions at Miracle Skate is to warn you that Jason is coming! Usually he dons the iconic Jason hockey mask. So, now that you know he is coming, will you face your fears?


Friday the 13th-May 2016Madera Fresno

Not only will our chainsaw-weilding villain be present, but we’ll also have a fun time with roller skating and dancing. And don’t forget that our Friday night sessions always include free pizza and soda! That is no different for this Friday the 13th event!

Wristband Friday

Each and every Friday we host Wristband Friday. Just because this particular Friday falls on the 13th, does not make our ability to honor Wristband Friday any less. When you come out and face your fears, make sure to get your wristband so you can come back skating on Saturday the 14th without facing any fears because your Wristband Friday wristband is good for free admission the next day!

Please contact us regarding rink rental or with any other questions that you may have regarding our special events. You can also call 559-674-7655.

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Sunday Funday at Miracle Skate

Some look at Sunday as one of the most dreadful days of the week. After all, it is the final day to fit in all of the weekend tasks before hitting the grind of the work week yet again. At Miracle Skate, we say forget those weekend tasks and take a little time out for you and your family. It is amazing what a little exercise can do to pump you up!

Sunday Family NightMadera, CA

We understand the importance of exercise and of family time too. It is important to build traditions and make memories while you can, for those little ones grow up so quick! At Miracle Skate we offer a Family Night on Sunday nights from 5:30-8pm. Admission and skate rental for 6 (at least one parent must be present), plus a pizza and a pitcher of soda is only $25. This is a deal that can’t be beat!

Sunday Matinee Session

If you have little ones that need to get to bed a little earlier for the week, then consider joining us for our matinee session. Our Madera roller skating rink is open from 3-5pm on Sunday afternoons for roller skaters of all ages. Additionally, our bounce house obstacle course is available for those 50” and under.

As always, we want you to get social with us! Tell us what events you want events you want to see at Miracle Skate! Join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Instagram!