Special Events in December!

Can you believe we’re now in the last month of 2016? It happened so fast! We hope you and your family had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving last week and are enjoying some leftovers now!

One of our favorite traditions around Thanksgiving is to ask everyone on our team and in our family what they’re thankful for. We always get some great answers! We sat down again this year to think about what we’re thankful for, and we came up with a great list! We can’t fit everything in this blog, but we can fit a few!

Our Friends and Family

This of course is a given, but we can’t start a list like this without mentioning them. We don’t know where we would be without their support and willingness to help us. It makes every day worth it!

This Community

This Madera community is something we could never take for granted! Whether you’re supporting us through word of mouth about our birthday parties, online reviews, or smiling when you walk in the door to go skating, we appreciate you — you make running a roller rink fun!

Christmas Events

Speaking of which …

We love this community so much and want to give you as many chances to come have fun skating as we can! That’s why we’re bringing back one of our favorite specials around here this December.

December 19th – January 6th

From 1:30pm-4pm come by for admission and skate rental for only $4.75! You loved it for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving so we’re bringing it back! Just like during those two holidays, there’s another special! For $10  you will receive skate rental, admission, a slice of pizza, a soda and bounce on our bounce house with your friends!

Things To Do During Thanksgiving Week

Next week is the week of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and probably even some pumpkin pie. That’s right, it’s the week of Thanksgiving! We’re almost officially in the holiday season, and we’re going to celebrate at Miracle Skate the best way we know how — with great discounts and specials! We’ll start off the weekend the same way we started Veteran’s Day!

Thanksgiving Events

That means it will be $4.75 for admission and skate rental  from 1:30-4:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday! But just like last time, if that’s not enough fun for your family, we have another special deal! For $10 you will get skate rental, admission, a slice of pizza, a soda and access to a bounce house! We’re bringing the bounce house back to the party at Miracle skate for families and friends all in Madera!

Quick side note, we will be closed on Thanksgiving. That way everyone can eat up, enjoy spending time with your family, and then get out with that same family the next day to make some memories on the skating rink!

We love being part of the Madera community and wouldn’t change it for the world. For more information about our special events through the year, be sure to take a look at our Facebook and Instagram page! You’ll be able to stay in the loop!

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week celebrating all there is to be thankful for with friends and family. And don’t worry, it’s ok to take that extra slice of pie because you’ll be skating it off all week!

Veteran’s Day at Miracle Skate

Family activities in Madera for Veteran’s Day means one thing — roller skating. You have a day off of work, the kids are off school, and it’s time for a night to make memories together as a family! The team at Miracle Skate in Madera decided to open for extra hours and throw extra events to celebrate our country’s veterans.

American Flag


We’ll have a special offer of $4.75 for skate rental and admission to start off on Friday. But if that’s not enough for your skating family, we’ll also offer skate rental, admission, a slice of pizza, a soda and access to a bounce house for $10! You heard us right! We’re going to bring a bounce house to the party on Friday just for you. That’s an easy way to make memories, have dinner, and get exercise together as a family.


To end our night, we’re going to keep our weekly Friday deal! That’s all you can eat pizza and soda AND if you keep your wristband on you can skate on Saturday night for free. Pizza, soda, and skating go a long way when you’re making memories with friends! (Saturdays are our weekly Glow Party, too!)

Enjoy your four-day week and work hard to you can relax on your long weekend. We hope we’re able to see you and your family this weekend for Veteran’s Day. Stay safe, make memories, and have fun with your family in Madera this year.

Halloween Boo Bash

The Halloween Party Madera has been waiting for is here! Our team at Miracle Skate is excited to host our annual Boo Bash Party and celebrate Halloween. This Friday the 28th, we will be open from 6pm-10pm, but the party will really start to kick off around 7:30! Whether you come in an individual costume, group costume, or just regular clothes, we’re ready for you!. Here are the special Halloween activities we’ll have going on for you:

  • Bobbing for apples – a classic Halloween game that is a must try if you never have before!
  • Costume contest – we’ll have prizes to give away for the best costumes, too.
  • Mummy Wrap Contest – We’ll find out who can make the best mummy in Madera.
  • Jason is coming – Be alert when you come by on the 28th. Jason will be around sneaking and ready to scare you!

Halloween Boo Bash

We said special activities, remember? That means we’ll still have our usual All-You-Can-Eat Pizza and Soda deal going all night. There’s nothing like being scared, eating pizza, and dressing up in costumes with your friends. To top it all off, we’ll also let anyone back in for free on Saturday night for Club Glow if you keep their wristband on from Friday night.

We can’t wait to see the everyone and the costumes you come up with this Friday. It will be a Halloween Weekend you won’t forget. And remember — we have more Halloween events on our Fall Calendar, and we’ll be open on Halloween night until 9pm!

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Can you believe it’s almost time to go trick-or-treating again? We hope you have found a costume idea and maybe you’ve already made it! We can’t wait to see what everyone brings to our Halloween parties this year! Speaking of which, we’ll be open on Halloween until 9pm this year and hope to see you there. Just like we stress safety at Miracle Skate, our team wanted to offer a few Halloween safety tips for your night of trick-or-treating.

Trick-or-treating safety tips

Lose the Mask

While masks can complete a costume, they’re also known to hinder your children’s vision. It’s already going to be dark out, do try to see if facepaint can stand in in place of a mask. That said, if a mask is a necessity, don’t ruin your child’s night, but keep an extra close watch as they walk door to door.

Flexible Props

Plastic swords, lightsabers, and shields all look great, but they’re also more likely to get caught on a bush or trip you up on a sidewalk. Try looking for props that are made of flexible material and still look the part.

Plan a Route

Last but not least, before you and your kids hit the neighborhood, print out a map and highlight the route you’re going to take. This way you can avoid any busy intersection and get an idea for how long you’ll be out. (So you can plan to be back and head to Miracle Skate!)

Get social and share your Halloween traditions with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Instagram, too!

Fall Birthday Parties

It’s our favorite time of the year and it only gets better with the addition of birthdays! Our birthday parties are during our public hours, but you and your group will have two hours of reserved table time as well as everything that follows:

  • 1-20 Skaters
  • 2 Hours Reserved Table Time
  • 3 Cheese or Pepperoni 12″ pizza’s
  • 20- 16oz cups of Soda (Pepsi® products) Each Guest Receives:
  • Place Settings & Invitations
  • Admission
  • Regular Skate Rental
  • Return Skating Pass
  • Glow sticks Birthday
  • Child Receives:
  • $3.00 Gift Certificate for birthday child
  • Glowstick

Fall Birthday Parties

Skating birthday parties are great for all ages and will even help encourage camaraderie and friendship. Some skaters may have less experience than others, but you can use this to encourage their friends to help each other around the rink. And what else brings people together more than pizza and cake at the end of it all!

If you and your friends are looking for more of a private experience, We also have an option for private parties! You and your birthday boy or girl have the chance to rent the entire skating rink to yourself. It also includes:

  • 50 Skaters
  • 2 Hours of Roller Skating
  • Admission
  • Regular Skate Rental

You can also bring in any food you and your party would like. Pizza, burgers, cake, it’s all up to you!

We’re also excited to announce that both are party packages are ON SALE. Private parties are 25 dollars off and public parties are 15 dollars off. Book online to receive an added bonus, too!


Fall Event Calendar

October is the month of scary events for Halloween, the changing leaves of autumn, and of course National Roller Skating Month! It’s one of our favorite months of the year, and we decided to make a schedule of fall events for everyone in Madera!

Fall Calendar at Miracle Skate

Here’s what we have on the agenda for October:

Crazy Clown Night, October 21st

From 7:30pm-10pm be on the lookout for more information about clowns in the roller skating rink! On top of that — we will also continue our all-you-can-eat pizza and soda night!

Halloween Boo Bash, October 28th

From 7:30pm-10pm be on the lookout — Jason is coming! On this special night, there will be a costume contest, big Prizes, mummy wrap contest, and of course a place to bob for apples! Just like at Crazy Clown night, we will continue our all-you-can-eat pizza and soda night!

The Unscary Halloween Family Costume Party, October 30th

We always want to make sure our families can have a fun and safe Halloween, too! From 4:30pm-6:30pm on Saturday come join us at our family-friendly party! There will be a costume contest, mummy wrap contest, a place to bob for apples and big prizes!

Open on Halloween

To wrap up one of our favorite months, we’ll keep the doors open on Halloween! Stay tuned for specific hours where you can come and skate!

The team at Miracle Skate wouldn’t want to spend October with anyone else, Madera. We hope to see you at one or all of our October events!

New Fall Schedule at Miracle Skate!

Fall means a few things around here — changing leaves, colder weather, and of course, new schedule at Miracle Skate! Our team was excited to sit down and come up with a few ideas. We’ve added a few extra events and kept some of the old favorites!

Fall Schedule at Miracle Skate

What’s the Schedule?

Tuesday* – We’re keeping $2 Tuesday’s around because of its popularity!

  • $2 Tuesday (skate rental is extra)
  • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Wednesday* – We’re excited to add Family Cheap Skate Night to our lineup on Wednesdays! And if you don’t want to bring along your family, it’s still only $2 admission!

  • $2 Admission (Skate rental is extra)
  • Families, up to five members, will receive free admission (skate rental extra), and have the option to buy unlimited pizza and soda for only $4 more.
  • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Friday – Start your weekend off on the right foot!

  • We’re open from 6pm-10pm
  • 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm “It’s About Jam Time”
  • All you can eat pizza & drink soda! PLUS, if you keep your wristband on you’ll get in free to Skate Saturday night!

Saturday – The party will be glowing all night!

  • We’re open from 1230pm-6pm and 6pm-10pm
  • 7:30pm-10pm (Club Glo is happening and the first 50 guests will receive free glo sticks!

Sunday – We’re making another Family Night!

  • We’re open from 2pm-6:30pm.
  • Starting at 4:30pm-6:30pm is our Skating Family Special — For $29, up to 6 family members will receive admission and skate rental as well as 1 large Mountain Mike Pepperoni Pizza and a pitcher of soda.

As always the * means our Kids Skate Free Passes are valid Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday nights, and sessions. For more information, check out Kids Skate Free!