Falling in Love with Skating

Mini pumpkinsPumpkin lattes. Pumpkin pies. Pumpkin cheesecake. Sweaters. Jackets. Scarves. It’s officially Fall!

We love fall – the crisp air and finally getting to pull out our favorite jackets and boots. What else is there to love about fall? How about falling in love with a new past time or sport – roller skating! While fall is well known as the season of football, it’s also a great season to join us at Miracle Skate to try out your skills at the skating rink.

Things to Love About Skating

  1. It’s great exercise. You can burn¬†almost 600 calories while skating for just one hour! Not only that, but roller skating has also been endorsed by the American Heart Association as a heart healthy activity.
  2. It’s the original social network. Roller skating started out as the center of the social scene. It’s where people came together to spend an afternoon together joking, playing, and simply enjoying the time spent in an engaging activity. Put down the screens and try it out for yourself.
  3. It’s a year round sport. Fall is a great time to learn to roller skate – but roller skating is a great sport year round! It’s one of our favorite things about skating: no matter the weather, the season, or the time of day, it’s a great time to go roller skating.
  4. Everyone can skate. Young or old. Short or tall. Everyone can be a great roller skater. All it takes is a little practice and you’ll be whizzing around the facility in no time.

It’s fall – but don’t fall!

You don’t have to worry about learning to fall while learning to skate this fall (pun intended) because we have handy skate mates that give you the extra help you need to be confident your first time out on the skating floor.

Join us at Miracle Skate in Madera for a great night skating with friends and family!

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