Friday the 13th – May 2016

We have a crazy fun fact for you! Did you know that there is a real name for the fear of Friday the 13th? There is! It’s paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia. Lucky you, there won’t be a spelling test on either of those, and we won’t make you say them five times fast either. We will however, remind you that Friday the 13th at Miracle Skate will be all about facing your fear!

When you ask some people why they are afraid of Friday the 13th, it is simply the association with the number 13 and bad luck. However, fear is a funny thing and the mind can run wild. One of our fun traditions at Miracle Skate is to warn you that Jason is coming! Usually he dons the iconic Jason hockey mask. So, now that you know he is coming, will you face your fears?


Friday the 13th-May 2016Madera Fresno

Not only will our chainsaw-weilding villain be present, but we’ll also have a fun time with roller skating and dancing. And don’t forget that our Friday night sessions always include free pizza and soda! That is no different for this Friday the 13th event!

Wristband Friday

Each and every Friday we host Wristband Friday. Just because this particular Friday falls on the 13th, does not make our ability to honor Wristband Friday any less. When you come out and face your fears, make sure to get your wristband so you can come back skating on Saturday the 14th without facing any fears because your Wristband Friday wristband is good for free admission the next day!

Please contact us regarding rink rental or with any other questions that you may have regarding our special events. You can also call 559-674-7655.

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Sunday Funday at Miracle Skate

Some look at Sunday as one of the most dreadful days of the week. After all, it is the final day to fit in all of the weekend tasks before hitting the grind of the work week yet again. At Miracle Skate, we say forget those weekend tasks and take a little time out for you and your family. It is amazing what a little exercise can do to pump you up!

Sunday Family NightMadera, CA

We understand the importance of exercise and of family time too. It is important to build traditions and make memories while you can, for those little ones grow up so quick! At Miracle Skate we offer a Family Night on Sunday nights from 5:30-8pm. Admission and skate rental for 6 (at least one parent must be present), plus a pizza and a pitcher of soda is only $25. This is a deal that can’t be beat!

Sunday Matinee Session

If you have little ones that need to get to bed a little earlier for the week, then consider joining us for our matinee session. Our Madera roller skating rink is open from 3-5pm on Sunday afternoons for roller skaters of all ages. Additionally, our bounce house obstacle course is available for those 50” and under.

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Miracle Skate is Your Birthday Tradition

What’s your birthday tradition? Depending on where you live, and where you’ve grown up, it could be drastically different from that of others. Perhaps you are used to the traditional western celebrations in the United States that include bright decorations, a cake (and maybe ice cream), the birthday song, a birthday party or celebration, and presents. Sometimes the party for kids might take place at a favorite event venue, such as Miracle SkateIn other parts of the world, some of these common traditions may be shared, but there may be additional traditions.birthdays in Madera

Our neighbors to the north in Canada (the Atlantic side) celebrate birthdays with the greasing of a nose. Yes, that’s right, you might have your nose greased for your birthday! Friends and family members will attack you with butter or margarine and spread it on your nose. This will supposedly make you too slippery for bad luck to stick, thus you’ll have good luck!

To the south, in Mexico, the piñata is a big part of the birthday tradition. The piñata is traditionally made out of paper maché and filled with all sorts of goodies including candy and trinkets for children to collect when it is broken open. Blindfolded children take turns hitting the piñata and attempting to break it open. If it sounds dangerous to you, don’t forget that if you celebrate with a piñata at Miracle Skate (or anywhere else for that matter) bandanas are not required (it may be safer without).

For the Miracle family, roller skating has always been a part of the birthday tradition, and we invite you and your family to share in this tradition by celebrating your next birthday at Miracle Skate. Don’t forget that you can book your birthday now and receive $26 off private parties and $16 off of public parties.

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Having a Productive Day? It Might Be Tuesday!

Did you know that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week? According to they are! Lifehacker shared the results of a Canadian survey among human resource managers. The results pointed out the most productive days of the week with 33% of the managers identifying Tuesday as the most productive day of the week. We had no idea that Tuesdays were the most productive day of the week, but at Miracle Skate, we intend to help everyone be more productive with our $2 Tuesday Skate from 6:30-8:30pm.Madera, CA

We figure that if everyone is so productive on Tuesdays, then they’re gonna want to take things just a little bit further. You can be productive with your physical health by hitting the rink and getting the exercise you need. You can be productive with your social life by stopping by Madera’s best hangout on a Tuesday night. Or, you can take a break from all of that productivity that you’ve experienced throughout the day and just relax with some of the best beats dropped by our DJ at Miracle Skate!

Whatever your plan is, we’re happy to celebrate in your productivity in sharing our $2 Tuesday Skate. Open to all ages, our $2 Tuesday Skate lives on at Miracle Skate in Madera!

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Fundraising at Miracle Skate in Madera

Non-Profit Groups and Organizations

Whether you are working with a school group, church group, scouting group, or other non-profit group, there is often a common denominator. That common denominator can be found in the need for funding. Many groups and organizations turn to creative ways to bring in much needed funds in an effort to meet a specific goal or balance a budget. Miracle Skate has been a part of the community for over 40 years, and we are proud to partner with groups and non-profits for fundraising initiatives.Fundraising

Fundraising with Miracle Skate is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Choose a date

Choose a few different dates that will work for your group or organization.

2. Make a reservation

Give us a call at 559-674-7655 to confirm the date availability and make your reservation.

3. Promote, promote, promote!

Send the emails, post on Facebook, Tweet it out, put out yard signs, and get the buzz going! The more people know about your event, the more people turn out, and the more money your organization will raise.

Call us for more details regarding our FUNdraising structure at Miracle Skate!

Spring Break Matinee Skates

School’s gonna be out for Spring Break in the Fresno Unified School District and the Madera Unified School District. It does not matter if you are coming from Madera or Fresno, what matters is that we’ve got skating sessions planned just for you at Miracle Skate!Madera, CA

Spring Break Matinee Skating Sessions

By definition, a matinee is some sort of entertainment that take place in the afternoon! We love Spring Break Matinee Skates because you don’t have to worry about setting your alarm clock; instead you can stay in bed and sleep the day away! Even sleeping in til noon will give you plenty of time to make it to our matinee sessions cause they don’t start until 2pm!

Matinee Session Details

If you haven’t already put it on your calendar, Spring Break Matinee Skating Sessions will take place Monday, March 21 through Friday, March 25. All ages are welcome. Read on for more details below:

  • Monday, March 21 through Friday, March 25
  • Miracle Skate in Madera
  • 2-4pm
  • Admission is $4.75 (includes skate rental)
  • $10 All Access Pass (includes admission, skate rental, bounce house access, 1 slice of pizza, and a small soda)

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Spring Break Beach Party!

Spring Break for Madera and Fresno schools officially runs from March 21 to March 28.  We all know that Spring Break Mode starts early! So, on Friday night, March 18, we’re kicking off Spring Break with our Beach Party right here in Madera!

FRIDAY NIGHT MARCH 18 – Beach Party in Madera!

Spring Break is often synonymous with a trip to the beach! Get your warm up lap in at Miracle Skate at our Spring Break Beach PartyMiracle Skate

Dig out your sunglasses, pull out your board shorts, and gear up in your favorite beach themed attire! We’ll prepare you for your spring break with contests that will make you think of beach time fun. Get your hula on with our hula hoop contest, pump up your muscles for our muscle beach arm wrestling contest, find out how low you can go with our limbo contest, and get ready to chug with our root beer chug-a-lug contest!

Don’t miss out on all you can eat pizza and soda during this Friday night Spring Break kickoff! Of course, we’ll have our regular roller skating and dancing on this fun-filled night as well as beach party themed music, so think of your favorite song requests now!

Beach Party Breakdown

Join us for the 2016 Beach Party at Miracle Skate and you’ll be able to participate in the following:

  • All You Can Eat Pizza And Soda
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Limbo Contest
  • Muscle Beach Arm Wrestling Contest
  • Root Beer Chug-A-Lug Contest

Take a minute to visit our Facebook Beach Party page to RSVP and let your friends know that they’re invited too!

Super Savings at Miracle Skate

When it comes to money and saving it, there are always plenty of opinions! Take for example, this recent article from US News and World Report where 7 Things You Can Do This Week to Save Money are outlined. Two of those things caught our eye at Miracle Skate. We read Day 4-Find One Thing to Substitute with a Cheaper Alternative and Day 7-Try a Single No-Spend Day, and we couldn’t help but think of all that we have to offer!

Family Fun NightMiracle Skate Madera

If you’re looking for a substitute or a cheaper alternative for family fun, we’ve got you covered! We think our Sunday Family Night is the solution for you! Offered from 5:30-8pm on Sundays, this opportunity offers up admission plus skate rental for up to 6 people, a whole pizza, and a pitcher of soda for only $25. We’ve done the math, and this is way better than a family night out to the movies or even out to dinner at a restaurant!

Tuesday and Wednesday Cheap Skate

When you’re trying to save money, it seems to go quicker than it comes. This seems particularly true in the area of fun and entertainment. Our Sunday Family Night is one thing, but our Tuesday $2 Night and Wednesday Cheap Skate Night allow you to get into Miracle Skate for an admission of only $2. If you have already invested in a pair of roller skates, then this is a deal that you won’t want to pass up!

Kids Skate Free

This last one if for those of you attempting to achieve a single no-spend day! Sign up for the Kids Skate Free program at Miracle Skate and you’ll get two free passes for roller skating each week! These will be delivered directly into your email inbox and you can use them for most of our roller skating sessions!

Bonus Savings Opportunities

Dare we forget to mention that on Friday nights we offer pizza and soda for free! And of course, when you come on a Friday night and get your wristband for Saturday, you can skate for free on Saturday. Let’s top all of that off with the cherry on top of coupons added to our website for more savings opportunities now that we’re open for more public skating sessions than ever before!

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3 Easy Birthday Party Favors

Birthday parties at Miracle Skate in Madera are always a hit! To top it off, the basics are included and that allows for plenty of time to do those extra fun things that make a party memorable!

What’s Included?

Miracle Skate birthday parties include food, paper products, and entertainment! Parties held during open skating sessions allow for up to 20 guests and provide 2 hours of reserved table time! Each party includes:

  • 3 large pizzas and 3 pitchers of soft drinks
  • 20 free passes and 20 glowsticks
  • Paper products including table cloths, plates, napkins, utensils
  • Admission and regular skate rental
  • Party invitations
  • $3.00 Gift Certificate for birthday child

Bounce house and slides are available as a party add-on for customizing your birthday party even more!

Can I Get a Favor?

Many modern birthday parties include a fun partying gift or fun party favor from the guest of honor to the guests. At Miracle Skate we can say that this is already covered with the free pass and free glowstick for your guests. However, we’ve seen lots of fun ideas put into practice when it comes to party favors for friends. Below is a list of three simple party favor ideas that you can use:

Dress-Upparty favors

If you’ve got a princess or a ballerina celebrating, there is no easier way to get everyone in on the action than with a tutu as a favor! Visit the local craft or fabric store for tulle and elastic. With a little time and a lot of knot tying, you’ll have simple hand made tutus that party guests can skate around in and wear home!

Chalk Art

You’ve seen the growing trend of chalk art all around! Encourage the creativity of your child and the guests at the party by providing a container of sidewalk chalk for guests as a party favor. This is a low-budget option since you can usually find it at the dollar store.

Photo Booth

Gather a few fun props such as hats, boas, crowns, and glasses. Create a temporary photo booth opportunity for your roller skating guests with these items. We’ll even let you hang a sheet or tablecloth to make for a fun photobooth backdrop. Make an effort to either take a group photo at one point or to get a photo with each guest and the birthday guest of honor. Print these off for a great memory to send along with a thank you note!

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Valentine’s Mardi Gras Skate N Dance Party

Bring your someone special out for our Valentine’s Skate N Dance! We’re celebrating Cupid’s holiday early at Miracle Skate in Madera. Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, February 14, but we’re going all out for our Friday night session for our Valentine’s Mardi Gras Skate N Dance Party! Here’s the down low on what we have to offer during our 7:30-10pm Friday night roller skating session:roller skating

Cupid Contests

Our Valentine’s Day themed contests have everything to do with the traditions of the day. Unless you live on another planet, chances are that you’ve noticed everything in the stores, store windows, and online is starting to turn pink, red, and white and hearts, lips, and cupids are showing up everywhere. We’re taking two of those iconic Valentine’s Day symbols and tying them into our contests for our party. Join us and see if you can win our Kissing Sheet Contest or our Red Slurpee Drinking Contest!

Mardi Gras

Not only is Valentine’s Day on the calendar for Sunday the 14th, but Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) falls on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. This makes for the perfect opportunity to combine the two at Miracle Skate. We won’t go full on New Orleans style with you, but we will celebrate with beads just for a little extra fun!

All You Can Eat

Everyone knows that roller skating is the perfect opportunity to hold that special someone’s hand, but you can make the date that much more special when it is a dinner date! Admission to our Valentine’s Mardi Gras Skate N Dance Party includes all you can eat pizza and soda!

We can’t wait to see you and your special someone at Miracle Skate! Join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Instagram!